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When Companies  look to bring their presence to Social Media Platforms in an effort to keep up with today’s changing times, it is important to understand the basics we have gone through in the above Infograph.  This graph is by no means a comprehensive evaluation of all of the areas that need to be addressed but it is certainly a decent place for you to start.  If you have vetted your industry and qualified your intentions to be active in Social Media and are not already participating, then it is time for you join the conversation.  Your customers, constituents and contributors are already there and there is a good chance your competitors are too.

The truth is, if you are in business at any level, you cannot afford to not figure out a way to be present on one Social Media Platform or another.  There is probably ample reason for you to be present on several but it is for you to determine and decide which one(s) will be most effective.  Set Measurable goals.  Identify a core team within your organization to build from that is already active on Social Media.  Enroll those people in your organization that may not be on Social Media… provide training or in some cases be prepared to be trained yourself by those you least expect.  Just because it is called “Social Media”, doesn’t mean that those that participate in it have a clue as to what it means to be social.

Developing a Social Media Policy for you and your organization to follow will help to ensure continuity, good etiquette, positive and successful engagement.  Not having a Social Media Policy in place may leave the flood gates open to disaster from anyone in your organization.  Equally as important is a method or means to analyze your effectiveness online.  There are many ways to measure your success in Social Media, so setting clearly defined targets and measuring your performance in achieving them is vital.  There is always room for improvement.  The trick is to know what needs to be improved upon and doing it and what is working and amplifying it.

I hope this sheds some light on bringing your organization into the arena of Social Media Marketing and if I could leave you with just one more piece of information to consider it would be this, “Social Media is simple, but not easy!”[1]  But who ever said maintaining any relationship was easy.


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