Do you think you know the difference between Strategy and Tactics?

Strategy and Tactics

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Strategy and Tactics

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What is the difference between “Strategy” and “Tactics”? 

Get this wrong and you leave the door wide open for your competition…  So let’s get it right!

But first…

By simple definition, a Strategy is “an overall plan of action designed to achieve a goal or objective.” (Blanchard 15)

Tactics are “the means by which a Strategy is to be carried out.” (Blanchard 15)


Sounds simple but make no mistake about it, many get this wrong and you don’t want to be one of them.

Here are five traits for each to keep you on point.

  1. Strategy is the “Planning”, and Tactics are the “Doing”.
  2. Strategy is the “Big Picture”, and Tactics are the “day to day activities carried out.”
  3. Your Strategy has everything to do with “Why” you do things the way you do them and Tactics are the “How” you do those things.
  4. Strategy will be difficult for your competitors to copy while tactics are easily identified and copied.
  5. A good strategy will show its best results over time.  You may have to tweak or tune it from time to time to dial it in but a good strategy is best left to mature and yield its maximum potential.  Your tactics on the other hand are to be kept a close eye on and if necessary, deleted or added to, as need be.  Tactics are meant to be nimble adjustments made in order to bring you in line with your overall strategy.  (Jason Wulf)

If you are playing a game of tactics without a strategy in your business, please know that this is race to the bottom.  A race you surely do not want to win.  Take the time to really think of what it is you do, why you do it and who you do it for and develop your strategy around those identifiers as to how you are going to proceed.  Then, decide on the most effective ways that you and your company can consistently deliver those ideas to your audience, in a complimenting manner to your strategy and you will have identifiable tactics to monitor.

People and businesses do not plan to fail but fail to plan.  A strategy with complimenting tactics will inevitably lead you down the road to victory.  Be patient, be diligent and be aware of all that is taking place and if you find yourself struggling please feel free to read points 1 -5 again or as many times as you need to until you have reached your desired level of success.



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