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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

With a little attention to Social Media Management you will have no problem defining your audience in Social Media.

Let’s take a look at three things a Business, Government Organization and Not for Profit should consider as they enter the world of Social Media Marketing…


Who Are They Already?

In an order to define your audience in Social Media Marketing it is necessary to first be able to identify them.  Traditionally, in whatever business segment your organization falls into, you already know or have a very good idea of who your audience is and it’s demographic.  This is an excellent place to start for any Organization to begin monitoring the various platforms in Social Media to know where and to understand how your target audience chooses to participate in Social Media.  By calling for your audience and identifying their choice of platform you can then identify and segment the level at which each member fits into your Social Media hierarchy.  Defining your overall audience also includes your community which are your strongest Relationships, Evangelists and your “who are these people” people.  From there you will  also have Connections, Acquaintances and Followers.  In my opinion, it is necessary to spend some time working on building a connection with these last three because you never know where your next major influencer is going to come from.(Jennex)(McKinsey)

Social Media Management calls for a clearly defined Social Media Policy in an effort to keep both Company and Participant engaged effectively…

Your Social Media Policy will guide you and your Organization in accomplishing its mission.  It is important to define your goals and objectives so you can lead the conversation in your Social Media Campaign.  Your audience wants leadership.  They have identified themselves as either “interested” in what you are doing or are already “buyers” of your ideology, product or service.  Your Policy should also provide transparency, privacy and security for all of its users.  And let us not forget to have measurable Analytics and Metrics to clearly identify areas that need improving or areas that are working well and need to amplified.(Macy)

Be prepared for the possibility of your audience defining or redefining you…

It is part of the implied deal you agree to when you transition from conventional marketing to electing to participate in what is to be a two way conversation (if you are listening to your audience) in Social Media Marketing.   Your audience should be seen as your partner in all that you do from here on out.  You and your organization can benefit in all areas of your business ranging from product development, better customer service, to what your position at the polls are or how you can make your next charity fundraiser better.  If you fail to pay attention to or acknowledge your audience, you run the risk of your audience determining your fate online in Social Media… It does happen.  Embrace the conversation and show your audience you are listening and do care.  Remember, you need them.  They will tell you what they want and if you are not prepared to give it to them they will go somewhere else to get what they need.




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